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About Us

Hi, I'm Esther the founder of Heart + Soul Pajama. 

As the mama of three beautiful children, I am always on the lookout for dreamy, comfy pajamas that fit nicely, and wash well. 

Thats how Heart + Soul came about.

I decided to manufacture my own, implementing those ideals into pajamas for kids of all ages and stages.

 In doing so, my mission is to create a standard in pajamas that is both affordable, adorable, yet long-lasting.

Our brand new line is designed to keep your little ones warm at night, and looking cuter than ever.

So as you tuck your child in, with a kiss on the cheek, know you put your Heart + Soul into being the best parent on the planet!

And besides, who doesnt love a new pair of cozy pajamas?



Esther and the Heart + Soul Team